The Hunt

Our 3rd single, Thrill of the Hunt, touches lyrically upon the globular antics of incessant lust of tribal ties pursued by fringe ideologues relishing fear over acceptance; prejudice over understanding; and specious notions displayed by doctrinaires spinning narratives to cast obstructionist pandering writ large. Contradictorily, the cadence stresses abject impressions upon the character of self-examining the harbored dalliance of one’s own dogmas, fears and vulnerabilities.

     Originally, the forethought of Thrill of the Hunt began as a social caste division of bough and lass. The haves and have nots colliding romantically without acceptance or shame. A Shakespearian classic of two star-crossed lovers defying social status and sacrificing acceptance for emotive connection, regardless of consequence.

     The message is simply one of defying oddity based around the confluences of judgment. In the end, love is willing to capitulate not to the desired narrative instilled by the confines of said ties, but to the embrace of connection without the persuasion of pretense. The hunt, then, is an acceptance of whatever punitive consequence myopic minds will embrace. A narrative for lovers-love holding no bounds. 

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