Year in review

Blown Lights took immeasurable strides to build rapport with the music and art community in San Antonio prior to the pandemic era, and we experienced allure from local musicians who've to date left an indelible mark on the eclectic scene of various genres representing San Antonio. It goes without saying it was our privilege playing with said talent within and beyond the metropolitan area, and we are forever indebted to you. Each of you gifted us during our nascent stages by helping us present our project we cherish to patrons and spectators alike.

 As we watched businesses close doors and venues struggle to stay afloat - mandates implemented - we rallied to the confines of our homes, continued to write and rehearse at our practice space and remained resolute and determined to stay proactive. Remaining steadfast and true to our collaborative efforts, we booked Cibolo Studios in December of 2020 to record and mix our conceptual works, and in April of 2020, mastered the songs strewn cohesively for future release as singles, and eventually an album, with Brock of CPS Mastering. We continue this pursuit as Blown Lights.

As the contagion continues, it's our hope our art will attest to the resilience of our communities, and jolt the senses through auditory and visual color, as we remain poised to maintaining the mutability of our craft. 


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