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The Hunt 

Our 3rd single, Thrill of the Hunt, touches lyrically upon the globular antics of incessant lust of tribal ties pursued by fringe ideologues relishing fear over acceptance; prejudice over understanding; and specious notions displayed by doctrinaires spinning narratives to cast obstructionist pandering writ large. Contradictorily, the cadence stresses abject impressions upon the character of self-examining the harbored dalliance of one’s own dogmas, fears and vulnerabilities.

     Originally, the forethought of Thrill of the Hunt began as a social caste division of bough and lass. The haves and have nots colliding romantically without acceptance or shame. A Shakespearian classic of two star-crossed lovers defying social status and sacrificing acceptance for emotive connection, regardless of consequence.

     The message is simply one of defying oddity based around the confluences of judgment. In the end, love is willing to capitulate not to the desired narrative instilled by the confines of said ties, but to the embrace of connection without the persuasion of pretense. The hunt, then, is an acceptance of whatever punitive consequence myopic minds will embrace. A narrative for lovers-love holding no bounds. 


Updated reputable sources for aid to Ukraine:

Blown Lights stands with the civilized world in solidarity with Ukraine. We do not prostrate ourselves or hail to despots and their oppressive regimes using propaganda to commit violence against an independently democratic society.

While it’s easy to throw shade to the marauder when uncontested and safely distanced from the injustice unfolding, it is arguably nevertheless heartfelt and genuine in feeling.
This is a gesture of sincerity to share in commiseration with innocence marred, and reverence to the vitality of the Ukrainian people. 

If you wish to help the Ukrainian people there are multiple NGOs and charitable entities alike that are reputable sources contributing aid to not only Ukraine, but to countries who’s people have been ravaged by war. Here is a link to anyone wishing to help:


Of the missives written and lost  

Envisioning industrial vestiges of writing apparatuses tipped off a general lyrical direction of  White Out The Missives. From papyrus to algorithms, modes of communication harboring viable insights to the current simulacra bound through the ever prevalent reckoning of our communicational zeitgeist. 

White Out The Missives is rife with allegory. Undertones of the perfunctory nature of our current means of communication is addressed. The prose a lamentation detesting the rodomontade yellow journalism as well as provocateurs of spurious information propagated for consumption - to disavow from falsities gain is the motif. 
I find the antecedent of the fabled Tower of Babel to be reminiscent of our current milieu. Only it’s not a supernatural intervention - but, rather, we simply foil ourselves into our own intellectual ruin. 

The Bellwether  

Prologue to conceptual works and perceived facsimiles

 We've breached a fortnight since the release of our debut single. As a salient centerpiece for our upcoming compositions to be announced, Cratered Moon is our acting bellwether, pointing to the featured representational motif; the meandering stories painted with broad strokes of consummatory expression, and transitorily filled with appeals to instinctive as well as cerebral embrace.

Within the conceptual works to come, the prose are betrothed to perceptive facsimiles cognitively displaced - a themed catchall for each inspired meaning behind the words introspectively spun over Blown Lights tenure as a project.  Narratives shared from the daily grind of exigencies past are fluid in the confines of revelries shadows tallied up in relational confluences of the human condition. 

Pecking Order 

With the release of Cratered Moon, we've reached a milestone as a band. This composition has been in rotation and in the works for years, and to have gathered the resources to produce a representational piece of art to present to the community and the world is heartening by all standards. Though, as noted by other songwriters, once released, art is disseminated to the collective, left to the winds of vulnerability; a repository for interpretation, critique - reprove. 

In the end, what's preciously refined and wielded from the emotive conscious, is in permanency, left to the recesses of populated subjectivity. The art of song, then, in this vein of perception, remains a dichotomous venture - no longer defined as substantive to our standards, but to the individualistic standards of engaged listeners. 

Cratered Moon attempts to touch upon the twist and turns of existent or perceived elephantine objects affecting our daily influences, routines, confines, relationships - as it were - in the present age context. Please help us in welcoming Cratered Moon to the winds of vulnerability, leaving interpretation to the imagination.

Year in review 

Blown Lights took immeasurable strides to build rapport with the music and art community in San Antonio prior to the pandemic era, and we experienced allure from local musicians who've to date left an indelible mark on the eclectic scene of various genres representing San Antonio. It goes without saying it was our privilege playing with said talent within and beyond the metropolitan area, and we are forever indebted to you. Each of you gifted us during our nascent stages by helping us present our project we cherish to patrons and spectators alike.

 As we watched businesses close doors and venues struggle to stay afloat - mandates implemented - we rallied to the confines of our homes, continued to write and rehearse at our practice space and remained resolute and determined to stay proactive. Remaining steadfast and true to our collaborative efforts, we booked Cibolo Studios in December of 2020 to record and mix our conceptual works, and in April of 2020, mastered the songs strewn cohesively for future release as singles, and eventually an album, with Brock of CPS Mastering. We continue this pursuit as Blown Lights.

As the contagion continues, it's our hope our art will attest to the resilience of our communities, and jolt the senses through auditory and visual color, as we remain poised to maintaining the mutability of our craft.