Pecking Order

With the release of Cratered Moon, we've reached a milestone as a band. This composition has been in rotation and in the works for years, and to have gathered the resources to produce a representational piece of art to present to the community and the world is heartening by all standards. Though, as noted by other songwriters, once released, art is disseminated to the collective, left to the winds of vulnerability; a repository for interpretation, critique - reprove. 

In the end, what's preciously refined and wielded from the emotive conscious, is in permanency, left to the recesses of populated subjectivity. The art of song, then, in this vein of perception, remains a dichotomous venture - no longer defined as substantive to our standards, but to the individualistic standards of engaged listeners. 

Cratered Moon attempts to touch upon the twist and turns of existent or perceived elephantine objects affecting our daily influences, routines, confines, relationships - as it were - in the present age context. Please help us in welcoming Cratered Moon to the winds of vulnerability, leaving interpretation to the imagination.

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