Of the missives written and lost

Envisioning industrial vestiges of writing apparatuses tipped off a general lyrical direction of  White Out The Missives. From papyrus to algorithms, modes of communication harboring viable insights to the current simulacra bound through the ever prevalent reckoning of our communicational zeitgeist. 

White Out The Missives is rife with allegory. Undertones of the perfunctory nature of our current means of communication is addressed. The prose a lamentation detesting the rodomontade yellow journalism as well as provocateurs of spurious information propagated for consumption - to disavow from falsities gain is the motif. 
I find the antecedent of the fabled Tower of Babel to be reminiscent of our current milieu. Only it’s not a supernatural intervention - but, rather, we simply foil ourselves into our own intellectual ruin. 

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